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Should the poles make jesus their king

Poland may be getting a new head of state

Go into any corner bar in the us and ask the patrons who is really in charge of america, you likely receive a list of the usual suspects in response:The banks, the liberals, the military-Industrial complex, the un, the trilateral commission, the gay people, or that old standby, the jews.Go into your local fitness club or megachurch, however, and you may learn that jesus is the genuine ruler of america, hindered only in his good works by the pernicious influence of the devil(Abetted by the liberals, the gay people, etc. ).Strangely, though, no one ever suggests hiring the prince of peace directly, with people instead preferring to vote for sarah palin or christine o to do his holy work.But ask around on the streets of warsaw and krakow these days and you get an even more definite response:Regardless of who is pullling the strings, jesus himself should be placed in charge of poland.The group refers to historical precedents:During the in 1656, when swedish, russian, and brandenburg soldiers occupied the polish-Lithuanian commonwealth and all appeared to be lost, king john ii casimir travelled to lw cathedral and proclaimed the virgin mary queen of the polish crown and other of his countries, thus saving the day for the kingdom.In 1832, the polish poet adam mickiewicz, popularized the notion that poland was christ of nations that had been crucified in the cause of rightenousness.

In the 1930s, the devoutly catholic nurse rozalia celak(1901-44), who cared for and prayed with prostitutes in an STD clinic in Krakow, experienced a series of visions in which Poles were called upon to ask forgiveness for their sins and to proclaim Jesus the king of Poland in order to avoid a terrible war.In february 1939 jesus himself told rozalia:

My child, the war shall be horrible and it shall bring about destruction(Poland's sins and crime are numerous and grave.God's justice wishes to punish this nation for the sins of unchastity, homicide and hatred.However, poland can be saved if i am proclaimed as her king and lord by means of the enthronement, not only in some of the regions but in the whole country and, most importantly, by the government.The proclamation must be affirmed with rejection of sin and return to god(Poland can be saved only by me.

But the polish government remained unmoved and we all know how that worked out.Sister celak is currently undergoing beatification in the vatican. Cheap True Religion Jeans

In september of this year, up to three thousand demonstrators hit the streets of warsaw demanding a referendum on jesus' coronation.Praying and singing, the activists carried jesus posters from the parliament to the presidential palace.Alongside polish flags they also carried blue eu flags with images of the virgin mary placed at the center of the circle of twelve stars. (In fact, the design of the eu flag was inspired by mary crown of stars as described in the book of revelations. )Similar demonstrations have taken place in other major polish cities.

The sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a

Crown of twelve stars" ()

What policy changes do the organizers expect from the new head of state?According to, the for the sovereignty of the polish people believe that crowing jesus king will help poles reconnect with their catholic roots.With jesus in the driver seat, so to speak, poland which pope john paul ii had said was poor but spiritually rich become a driving force in the eu and europe from the abyss of unbelief and immorality.In late october archbishop jozef michalik of the polish bishop conference poured cold water on christ's candidacy, stating that jesus kingdom not of this world.

You might think that now is as good a time as any for jesus to make a terrestrial comeback.And yet the lord of lords has been maintaing an eerie silence regarding his own plans for the future.But whether or not the poles crown jesus king, there is no doubt that the good shepherd is boss in this profoundly religious country:The small town of swiebodzin in western poland is currently completing the world largest jesus statue.Ostensibly being built in thanks to god, the figure, due for completion next month, likely won hurt tourism.As a local official told the press, we had opened a racetrack or a golf course here, tourists would have come only for the season.But with a statue of jesus the season will last the whole year.Not just a polish dish, my friend.But i digress.I had no idea about this wacky development in my old country but how awful.I can't go to a polish area here in toronto without encountering dozens of brand-Spanking-New advertising posters about the pope john paul ii's this and that--Like tupac shakur and elvis he seems to be coming out with more and more posthumous stuff, books, cds, movies.

The point is that my people can be a truly sentimental bunch but this jesus stuff for a king.It's just too much.It's like michael True Religion Jeans Canada jackson, complete with the humongous statue and everything except that--As far as i know--He didn't even sing all that well and didn't put out a single album.

This kind of shit is the true religion jeans. reason why i'd never live there(Poland)Again.

He's already refused two other offers(At least)And i don't think king of poland is a great step up on either one.

The first offer was from the devil(Along with a snack and doing some bungee jumping):Now this does sound a little creepy-Ask christine o'donnell-So its understandable jesus turned it down.The whole world is a big place to run, but poland does seem small after that.

The second was from the fifth prefect of the roman province of judaea pontius pilate.This offer is only implied in the gospels but

Its clear that pilate would have given him a career position that would lead to administration;All he needed to do was to turn state's evidence on the jewish council known as the sanhedron-These guys were trying to kill him!When it comes to doormats, its a big tossup between palestine and poland.

So i'm afraid the poles are going to have to ask someone else.

Those poles are intense, aren't they?I spent some time in warsaw in 1975 and was surprised at how old-Time publicly catholic they were even under the soviet wing.There were long lines of children wearing white, dressed for first communion like we had in the fifties, herded by full dress nuns.On sundays and holy days that beautifully half-Restored church on the little side street leading into the old town market square was filled and the crowd spilled out to fill the street.Post jpii and communism, i'm not surprised to hear extreme religiosity is thriving there.

Jesus is already king of the universe.He has created everything in existence.It is awesome for poland to honor him.Poland happens to be a great god honoring country.

They also have enough respect to honor american and allied soldiers who have died in wwii.

Ultimately, jesus will have the last say on judgment day.If you have never accepted him as lord, he will say,"Depart from me because i do not know you".It will be too late for you on judgment day and eternal torment will be yours.The way this world is going, i do not think it will be very long.

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