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Egypt facts and references

Egypt, one of the world's oldest continuous cultures, still draws visitors and marketers by the plane load.Ancient ancient typical monuments, the Pandora Jewelry 2014 red sea seashore, nile cruises and africa's maximum city, cairo, are among its many tourist attractions.

Website:Egypt is located in north africa bordering the med sea.Libya is on the west and the gaza strip and the red sea from the eastern border;Look map.

Specific pyramids of giza:The pyramids represent most significant architectural feats by man.The last surviving member of the seven wonders around the world, the great pyramid is one of the world's oldest sights and the reason most people visit egypt today.More the pyramids.

Luxor:Luxor is the world's largest open air museum.Luxor and karnak temples are hugely impressive as are the tombs across the nile in the valley of queens and kings.On luxor, karnak or thebes.

Silk museum in cairo:With more than 120, 000 items, the museum houses a terrific display depicting ancient egypt's glorious reign.Mummies, sarcophagi, ceramic, jewellery don't forget that king tutankhamen's treasures.Read more information on the egyptian museum

Abu simbel:The two temples built for the pharaoh ramesses ii have been getting traffic since victorian times.Almost as impressive as the monument itself is the story of its healing in the 1960's.Much more abu simbel.

Hurghada/red sea sea-Region:The red sea coast is hugely liked beach lovers and divers.Package tours operate from every european country and are often very.On hurghada.

Egypt's embassies/visas:A valid passport and a tourist visa are required for most ethnicities.Tourist visas are available at egyptian embassies and consulates throughout the world.

Egypt's tourist marketing (more jewelry here) facts and strategies office:Misr traverse tower, abbassia sq, cairo, egypt.Phon:285 4509/284 1970;

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Egypt's economy and the government

Economic environment:Occupying the northeast corner of photography equipment, egypt is bisected by the highly fertile nile pit, where most economic activity arises.Egypt's economy was highly centralized during the rule of former president gamal abdel nasser but has opened up noticeably under former president anwar el sadat and current president mohamed hosni mubarak.Cairo has in a hostile manner pursued economic reforms to encourage inflows of foreign investment and facilitate gdp growth.Located inside of 2005, pm ahmed nazif's government reduced personal and corporate tax rates, reduced energy financial aid, and privatized several establishments.A stock exchange boomed, and gdp grew about 7% each year seeing that 2006.Despite these work, the government didn't raise living standards for the average egyptian, and has had to stay providing subsidies for basic necessities.Foreign direct investment has more than doubled in the past two years.Egypt's export sectors unusually natural gas have bright prospects.

Politics/history:The reliability and richness of the annual nile river flood, not to mention semi isolation provided by deserts to the east and west, allowed to build up one of the world's great civilizations.It was the arabs who introduced islam and the arabic language in the 7th century and who ruled for six centuries.A local marine caste, the mamluks took control about 1250 and extended to govern after the conquest of egypt by the ottoman turks in 1517.Following the culmination of the suez canal in 1869, egypt became an important world travel hub, additionally, fell heavily into debt.Ostensibly to protect its investment funds, britain seized control of egypt's administration in 1882, but nominal allegiance to the ottoman empire added until 1914.Somewhat independent from the uk in 1922, egypt acquired full sovereignty Pandora Charms Sale by the overthrow of the british backed monarchy in 1952.The culmination of the aswan high dam in 1971 and the resultant lake nasser have altered the time honored place of the nile river in the agriculture and ecology of egypt.A growing rapidly population(Very large in the arab world), Short amount of arable land, And addiction to the Nile all continue to overtax resources and stress society.Government entities has struggled to meet the demands of egypt's growing population through economic reform and massive investment in communications and physical infrastructure.Egyptian youth and amount of resistance groups, inspired by events in tunisia leading to overthrow of the us govenment there, prepared a"Day's rage"Call email promo happening on 25 january 2011(Law enforcement day)To include non violent presentations, marches, and labor strikes in cairo and other cities all around egypt.Protester issues focused on police brutality, point out emergency laws, low free speech and elections, high having been fired, escalating food prices, rising cost of living, and low smallest wages.Within several days of the onset of direct orders, president mubarak addressed the nation pledging the development of a new government, and in a second address he offered additional credits, which failed to assuage protesters and resulted in an escalation of the number and intensity of demos and clashes with police.On 11 february mubarak resigned and national leadership was assumed by a supreme council of military(Scaf).The scaf demolished the egyptian parliament, suspended the country's constitution, and formed a committee to recommend constitutional changes to facilitate a political change through democratic elections.Using some delays, elections for a new parliament happened between november 2011 and january 2012.Presidential elections held in may and june witnessed the victory of muslim brotherhood candidate mohammed mursi over former pm ahmed shafiq.

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