True Religion Womens think it's a phase that lots of teenaged girls

Should you stop aici your daughter from dressing like a tramp

When i was in high school i took great pleasure in wearing cutoff short-Shorts, painted-On jeans, and lycra camisole tops.I used padded bras to get a bustier look, fake tanner to achieve a brazilian glow, and quite a bit of makeup.My plaid uniform skirt was hemmed within an inch of it's life-I had to leave a little room in the waistband to pull it down a few inches when some of the stricter teachers walked by.When my girlfriends and i went to parties, we'd buy skimpy, skanky tops at one of the supercheap strip-Mall shops and just throw them away in the morning.We called them"Disposable Shirts. " Looking back, I can only laugh at the fact thatWe called them"Shirts. "They covered very little.

And still, i was not sleeping with anyone.I wasn't heading upstairs with boys at parties, and in fact, the only real boyfriend i had, i ended up marrying.By the time we started dating during senior year, i was over the ultra-Trampy ensembles and stuck to a decent circulation of tight jeans and t-Shirts with chuck taylors and regular bras.

Why i spent a couple of my teenaged years dressing like a teen tramp, i assume, was a manifestation of my desire for attention.I was popular, and i had a nice body(Which has since been kind of ruined by having children), and my parents never said a thing about it.That's right, folks.Not once did i ever argue with my parents about my choice in clothing, and never once did they tell me i looked like a hooker.My friends were always in awe at how i could walk downstairs, kiss my mom goodbye, ask her for ten bucks and flounce out the door as though i were not wearing approximately 7 square inches of total fabric.

Anyone who knew me-Smart, mouthy, opinionAted, aggressive, and painfully interested in pleasing my unpleasable fAther-Knew i was doing okay.I wasn't having sex, i wasn't involved in tumultuous or unsavory relAtionships, i wasn't doing drugs, and although i drank alcohol-It was rare and i always took precautions thAt i was never alone with males At the time.I think my parents recognized my juvenile need for flAttery and Attention, let me run with it, and were probably happy when it was sAtisfied and went away.I look back a little embarrassed.My high school reunion is approaching, and i just know someone is going to bring up those"Daisy dukes" (Especially now thAt i'm a boring ol' stay-At-Home-Mom! )But, oh well.It was fun while it lasted!And i'm glad it never came between my parents and me

You write so well!I agree with you, once again.I True Religion Womens think it's a phase that lots of teenaged girls go through.You were able to go through that process rather than getting stuck in it, as can happen when parents get stuck on something like clothing.

If i had dressed like that, there likely would have been hell to pay.As my tendencies were literary rather than sartorial, my mother ended up trying to force me into high heels and what she considered appropriate clothes(Probably more skirts and fewer pants-I don't really recall)And freaking out over the fact that i read harlequin romances at the age of 12. (My mother is a smart lady-I kept my promise because that's what i was taught to do).

I switched to science fiction(Sex-Free back in the late 1970s, at least the stuff i was reading), which my mother couldn't object to, and continued to wear comfortable shoes.

I really should ask my mother if she was freaked out for feminist rather than sex-Phobic reasons.My best guess, probably a little of both.

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